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Matilda Loch, Australia

The POM course has been interesting and confronting in that is has challenged my views of my practice. The PARS model has provided me with the tools to identify and evaluate my own intentions and actions and how this can impose on the children’s freedom. I will continue to share the principles of PARS with others in hopes to reignite authentic and agentic play for children.

Matilda Loch

Lesley Berry, UK

“I really enjoyed the PARS Masterclass. The training sessions were thought provoking and generated lively group discussions. Practitioners from a variety of settings attended and it seemed the course offered something for each. I am looking forward to using the methods and techniques explained on the course to encourage my team to become more reflective and stay focussed on what is important to children at our Out of School Club.”

Lesley Berry

​Kim Heerema, The Netherlands

“Now when I work with children I’m aware of the PARS techniques I’m using to observe and reflect. This gives me more self appreciation in my work and moves me to use it more. I’m also happy that I now know what you do as an observer and that this also costs energy. I feel great about knowing how to substantiate this method to other adults.”

​Kim Heerema
The Netherlands

​Zhang Yichen, China

“After the PARS course, I see children can not only play, but also innovate without teaching. The PARS course made me give up my previous ideas towards children’s play. I’ll keep practicing and return the real play and real happiness of childhood to the kids.”

​Zhang Yichen
Hubei Province

Cam Cheung, Hong Kong

“I would highly recommend PARS training to anyone who wants to learn more about children and why play is such an important thing in children’s and, in fact, in everybody’s life.”

Cam Cheung
​Hong Kong

Laurien van der Vaart, The Netherlands

“The PARS model gives me some relaxation, because I now have found a way of working with children which fits me. In the past, I listened to others, followed others, in their way of working with children. I’m glad I feel myself no longer obligated to entertain children with hand puppets, crazy voices, to run in the wood pretending I’m a monster, to imitate a bouncing Freek Vonk to enthuse the children or behave like a boring teacher and tell the children what they see and what it is.”

Laurien van der Vaart
Buitenpaden, Haarlem
The Netherlands