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The PARS Model

PARS is the first ever model of playwork practice, grounded in the original philosophy of the adventure playground pioneers. The PARS model aims to enable practitioners working with children in their leisure time in any setting to articulate, develop and evaluate their playwork practice.

PARS training is enabling practitioners all over the world working in a wide range of different settings to explain how and why their playwork practice differs from other approaches to working with children. PARS practitioners work in any setting where children spend their leisure time: in children’s centres in Xi’an, out of school care in Brisbane, hospitals in Hong Kong, adventure playgrounds in Belgium, childcare settings in The Netherlands and environmental projects in the Channel Islands. In the UK, PARS has been adopted as an operating model for several out-of-school care chains across the country and Stevenage Borough Council Play Centres.

Find out more about how PARS is being developed in different countries…