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The PARS Model

PARS is the first ever model of playwork practice. It was created by Dr Shelly Newstead as part of her doctoral research project and is grounded in the original philosophy of the adventure playground pioneers.

All over the world children are spending more of their free time being supervised by adults. The PARmodel of playwork practice empowers adults to allow children to make their own choices about how their spend their free time. By using PARS, adults are less likely to intervene in children’s self-directed activities and are more open to children’s risk-taking behaviours. This results in an improvement in children’s social and emotional development and increased emotional resilience (Chan et al, 2020).

PARS training is enabling practitioners all over the world to explain how and why their playwork practice differs from other approaches to working with children. Over 800 people have now taken part in PARS training in seven different countries. There are a number of different ways that you can join the growing PARS community…..

Find out more about how PARS is being developed in different countries…