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Playwork Theory

Our unique publications about playwork theory developed by playworkers.

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  • Play Clips 1 – Understanding Play Types

    Play Clips 1 – Understanding Play Types provides 48 sequences of children’s play which illustrate Hughes’ (2002) ‘Taxonomy of Play Types’. Each of Hughes’ 16 play types is illustrated by three different clips of children playing in a range of different indoor and outdoor settings.

    Please note that Play Clips 1 – Understanding Play Types is sold with a licence which allows the DVD to be used for training purposes.

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  • Therapeutic Playwork Reader (one)

    Therapeutic Playwork Reader (one) is a collection of 14 papers written between 1995 and 2000 by Gordon Sturrock and Professor Perry Else. It shows the development of ‘psycholudics’ up to and beyond ‘The Colorado Paper’, which is included

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