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The Busker's Guides

Illustrated with original cartoons, Busker’s Guides provide down to earth introductions to key areas of theory and practice.

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  • The Big Buskers Guide to Leadership

    ‘Well there is no leader as such – we all just get on with it!’

    What is leadership?

    What do leaders need to do to ensure really good practice in their teams?

    And why leading is not the same as doing…

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  • The Busker’s Guide To Anti-Discriminatory Practice

    ​Equal opps? No problem – we do all the festivals here…’

    What is anti-discriminatory practice?

    What should we be doing – and not doing – about it?

    ​And why good intentions can sometimes turn out to be more trouble than they are worth…

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  • The Busker’s Guide to Behaviour

    Why don’t children behave anymore?’
    What is behaviour?
    Why do adults get involved with children’s behaviour?
    And why don’t we need ‘behaviour management’ anymore?

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  • The Busker’s Guide to Inclusion (2nd Edition)

    ‘Inclusion? I don’t think we could cope!’
    What is inclusion? What isn’t inclusion?
    Why is inclusion important for all children?
    And how do we go about making it happen?

    The Busker’s Guide to Inclusion (2nd Edition) has recently been updated with new thinking and additional guidance based on current UK legislation and also includes a new resources list.  


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  • The Busker’s Guide To Participation

    “Participation? Of course we do – every Wednesday without fail…”

    What is participation?

    What’s the difference between ‘adult-led’ and ‘child-led’ ​participation?

    And do we really need to do it at all?

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  • The Busker’s Guide to Playing Out

    ‘Outdoor  play?  Oh  yes,  we’ve  bought  some  equipment  for that…’

    ​Why is playing outside important?

    What can adults do to support children in playing outside?

    And why is ‘playing outside’ different to ‘outdoor play’?

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  • The Busker’s Guide to Playwork

    ‘Playwork – you mean you get paid for working with children?’

    What is playwork?

    What do playworkers do – and what don’t they do?

    ​Why is playwork different to working in early years settings, teaching, youth work..?

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  • The Busker’s Guide to Risk

    “You just can’t let them do anything anymore you know…”

    Why is risk important in children’s play?

    How can we protect children’s right to play and protect children at the same time?

    What is risk-benefit assessment and how can it help – rather than hinder – adults who work where children play?

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  • The Busker’s Guides – Complete Set

    Get the complete set of all eight Busker’s Guides: Risk (2nd Ed.), Participation (2nd Ed.), Playwork (2nd Ed.), Anti-Discriminatory Practice, Leadership, Playing Out, Inclusion and Behaviour.

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